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Anti-Mosquito Shirt for Baby (Boy) - NoMOS

RM 89.00 RM 11,900.00

*  NoMOS baby apparel with Anti-Mosquito technology is a revolutionary tool to help you in battle against mosquito (insect) that carry mosquito-borne diseases. NoMOS protect your little baby from the harmful mosquitoes.

* The built-in mosquito repellent in the shirt feature provides a carefree outdoor experience, indoor good night sleep and play, letting you focus on your child’s development and adventure, not the bugs.

* NoMOS has undergone EXTENSIVE Independent Laboratory Testing (Internationally Recognized Laboratory with ISO 17025 Accreditation) with its Test’s Results proofed it’s ABILITY to REPEL MOSQUITO

* SIRIM Certified

* NoMos with Anti-Mosquito Repellency effect offers protection that is Invisible, Odorless and as easy as

putting on your clothes. It can be washed and dried just like a normal garment (just don’t dry clean it) Normal Home Laundering is recommended.

* > 95% efficiency in protecting your baby from mosquitoes bites




- Built-In Insect Protection

- Durable, No Reapplication Needed

- Stays In Your Clothes, Not On Your Skin

- Easy Care

- Odorless

- Give Your Baby Protection




- Protect your baby from mosquitoes bites

- Protect your baby from dangerous diseases carried by mosquitoes

- Give your baby a good night sleep without the mosquitoes flying near to your baby

- You don't have to put your baby into a sleeping net which may be making your baby uncomfortable

- Give you a peace of mind that your baby is always safe from mosquitoes

- You don't have to carry mosquitoes repellent anymore when bringing your baby out

Suitable for baby from 6 - 18 months

There are 2 sizes:

M size -  6 to 12 months baby

L size - 12 to 18 months baby

Material : 100% Cotton (Melange)

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