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Best Body Posture Back Corrector - For Unisex

RM 120.00 RM 20,000.00

This Body Posture Back Corrector is designed for those are having bad body posture or bad body pain.


Material: High Quality Polyester And Nylon



-          Make You A Elegant Beauty No Matter You Are Walking Or Standing  

-          Suitable For Thoracic Kypohosis, Slip Disc, Scoliosis Conditions

-          Help to Correct Poor Body Posture

-          Create Nice Body Posture

-          Help to Train Your Body to Keep Your Shoulders Back

-          Help to Relieve Back Pains, Shoulder Pains and  Headaches Caused By Poor Posture

-          Build Up Your Confidence

-          Smoothen Blood Flow

-          No Side Effect And Safe To Use

-          Made From High Quality Polyester And Nylon Materials Which Designed To Last Long



** STRONG YET COMFORTABLE - Provides Strong Support Yet Comfortable, Back Support But Stays Comfortable. 
** LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE COTTON Dura-stitching, You Will Have Hours Of Comfort And Support. Whether You Sit In Front Of A Computer For Hours, Work On An Assembly Line - This Posture Support Is For You!
** WEAR DISCREETLY - Completely Undetectable Under Clothing. Hide Your Secret To Your Amazing New Look!
** CHIROPRACTOR RECOMMENDED - Provide Relief From Muscle Aches
** EASY CARE - Washable And Durable

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