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Mirabelle Activ Workout Bra

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Product Description:

Bra is woman’s best friend for lifetime. A bra not only provides support to the breasts, it flatters and enhances your overall beauty and appearance as a woman.

The right bra provides a comfortable support to your breasts. Wearing a bra that fits is important to provide support to your breasts and also make you feel at ease.

If you are a sport lover or an athlete, it is necessary that you put on a sporty bra during your workout. It can be very painful to perform physical exercises without wearing a nice bra that fits very well.

If your bra is too large or loose, then the breasts will flap or move up and down inside the cup. This can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable during physical exercise.

Mirabelle Activ Workout Bra is the bra that would fit you very well and will reduce that bouncing movement.  Also, it will minimize breast strain in the inner region of the breasts. With Mirabelle Active Workout Bra, whenever you jump during exercise, you can have full concentration on your workout and not on your splashing cups.


- Shockproof
- Motion dump
- Comfortable to wear
- Perfect fit for workout
- Push-up
- Breathable
- Padded  
- Made of high quality materials (Polyamide & Spandex)


Has Gray, Pink and Purple colors to choose from.

Has many sizes to choose from (S/M, M/L, L/XL). Refer to the size chart.

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